Nous protègons ceux qui ne peuvent pas se protèger eux měmes


The Infernal Devices cover remakes [x]

  • reading smut in english: nice
  • reading smut in your native language: oh god... that's... that's actually really gross... you can't say that


The darkest minds rereading; fav moments. 

“We all agreed—no strays.” The other boy shook his head. “That’s why we didn’t take the kittens!”
“Oh, for the love of…” Liam slumped down in his seat, pressing his face into his hands. “What were we going to do with a box of abandoned kittens?”
“Maybe if that black heart of yours hadn’t been willing to leave them to starve, we could have found them new, loving homes.”
Liam gave the other boy a look of pure amazement. “You’re never going to get over those cats, are you?”
“They were innocent, defenseless kittens and you left them outside someone’s mailbox! A mailbox!”

Fire is catching! And if we burn, you burn with us.


It is our color.

Better  n o t  to give in to it.

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